Cataloging / Technical Services

Contact Person: Kim Burns

Services provided

  1. MARC records — for school and public libraries. You can e-mail your information about your item to be cataloged and we will e-mail the MARC recorded back to you.
  2. Original cataloging —¬† send your items into the SEKLS office. We will create the MARC record and return the MARC record with your items.
  3. Laminating — send your posters and etc to the SEKLS office. We will laminate them and return them. Please mark all ownership on these items.
  4. Disc Polishing — DVD, Blu-ray, CD-Audio, and video games, send these into the SEKLS office and we will return when done.
  5. Tape Chek machine — for those libraries that have VHS tapes in their collection. You may pick the machine up at the SEKLS office and return when finished.
  6. SEKLS cataloging¬†retrospective conversion — for libraries that are not automated coming into the SEKnFind consortium.
  7. Training and consulting for any catalog questions you may have.

SEKnFIND cataloging manual for KOHA : tips, aids, helps