Contact Person: Cheryl Korte

Rotation books are provided to supplement the books available for checkout in local communities. With approximately 340-350 books per delivery and 8 deliveries per year, up to 2,800 books are made available in the course of a year.

Communities are served primarily through local public libraries. 49 of the 54 public libraries which are SEKLS members currently receive Rotation books. In communities with no legally established public library, rotation service is provided whenever a club library or a responsible agency or organization agrees to take responsibility for the rotating books. Institutions may also be provided with rotation service. Currently 13 sites other than public libraries receive rotation.

Deliveries are made on a regular schedule. Unless the site has made special arrangements to receive fewer boxes, 10 boxes of books are left and the 10 boxes left at the previous delivery are picked up. Libraries and other rotation sites are divided in six rotation routes by geographic location. Books picked up from the first site are left at the second, books from the second are left at the third, etc. Keys to your building are provided to the Rotation driver so that deliveries can be made whatever time the Rotation van arrives. (The Rotation van leaves early in the morning and sometimes returns late at night.)

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2023 Rotation Schedule

Rotation Frequently Asked Questions