Resource Sharing Department

Contact Person: Brenda Cash

SEKLS serves as an interlibrary loan center. Libraries lacking the Kansas Library Catalog route send their requests to SEKLS. Libraries having the Kansas Library Catalog use SEKLS as a backup for ILL.

Materials not owned or missing in your library may be requested on interlibrary loan (ILL). Libraries which lack the Kansas Library Catalog (KLC) should route their requests to SEKLS. We will loan the items if they are available at System Center. If not, we will request the items on your behalf from a library which does own them.

Libraries on KICnet should normally request items directly from the library which owns them. Requests for items you are unable to obtain using the KLC may be routed to SEKLS.

Requests may be sent in one of several ways. Libraries on KICnet should normally use that. Libraries not on KICnet should make requests by mail, e-mail, telephone or by clicking the link below.

For telephone requests, call 1-800-279-3219 and ask for the Interlibrary Loan Department. Please don’t ask for a specific person unless you have already talked with someone about a problem or unusual request.

SEKLS has a KICnet Users Group which meets semi-annually. Participants share the latest information about KICnet, give tips on how to use it more effectively, and can ask questions of others. Library staff members who are responsible for their librarys KICnet requests are encouraged to attend.

To submit an Interlibrary Loan Request, click here.

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