Library Trustee

Terms are for four years and expire April 30. When there is a vacancy, the person appointed to the position fills out the remainder of the term–to whatever date the term expires. It is not four years from appointment.

Example: Joe’s term expires April 30, 2014 and Linda’s expires April 30, 2015. Both resign in January. In February, the city council appoints Richard to Joe’s position and Mary to Linda’s position. Richard’s term still expires April 30, 2014, and Mary’s term still expires April 30, 2015. Both are eligible to be appointed to two full four-year terms after serving out the remaining term to which they were appointed.

This means that no more than two terms expire in a given year, and all terms expire on an April 30 date.
(Note: This information applies to city, county, and township libraries.)

Kansas Public Library Trustee Manual

Kansas Public Library Handbook

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