SEKLS is offering Hoopla, a streaming service for libraries from Midwest Tape. Hoopla allows your patrons to borrow (stream or download) digital materials to enjoy on their computer, tablet, phone, or smart TV. Hoopla has about 650,000 titles, including movies, music, audiobooks, ebooks, comics and TV shows. The service is available 24/7 and there are no limits on simultaneous users, so there are never waiting lists to use the materials.

Participating libraries

All SEKLS public and academic libraries are eligible to participate (Hoopla does not serve schools). If you decided not to participate initially but would like to join, contact Sharon Moreland at SEKLS.

Patron registration and authentication

Patrons will register for Hoopla at hoopladigital.com. They will enter their e-mail address and library. For SEKnFind, PSU Library Consortium, and some standalone ILS libraries, Hoopla will authenticate patrons against your database. Libraries with an ILS which does not allow for such authentication, or which are not automated, will either have to allow patron registration without authentication or establish a patron database through SEKnFind for authentication purposes only. Assistance with this can be provided by the SEKLS Tech department.


As the SEKLS budget allows, funds will be deposited periodically into library accounts, but those may not cover the entire costs depending on usage.

Your library will pay for charges monthly for your patrons beyond what SEKLS funds cover. Hoopla will bill you monthly for any charges beyond what SEKLS funds are in your account. Alternatively, you could deposit money in your account in advance. You can place a limit on the number of circulations per month each patron is allowed. You can also set a monthly budget, which you can think of as a cap. Your monthly cost may be capped at whatever level you determine.

Instant Financial Documents (invoices), budget information, and other useful tools can be found by logging into your library’s hoopla account at midwesttape.com/hoopla¬†and reviewing the ‘hoopla Financials’ area.