Staff Directory

For security, we have left off part of our email addresses. All email addresses end in

System Director Sharon Moreland smoreland ext. 108
Consultant Amy Eiben aeiben ext. 106
Administrative Assistant Viviane Peavey vpeavey ext. 107
Clerical Asst, Consulting Erin Jones ejones ext. 115
Resource Sharing (ILL) Brenda Cash (head) bcash ext. 103
Adisa Heslop aheslop ext. 102
ILL Email Requests sekill
Technical Services Kim Burns (head) kburns ext. 117
Melissa Sponseller msponseller ext. 112
Kay Compton kcompton ext. 101
SEKnFind Coordinator Jason Robb jrobb ext. 123
Rotation Books Cheryl Korte (head) ckorte ext. 114
Roger Farrell
Special Needs Consultant Wanda Brown wbrown ext. 105
Technology Coordinator Melissa Geist mgeist ext. 113
Technology Assistants David Blakesley dlblakesley ext. 116
Jake Benham jbenham ext. 118
Technology Support techsupport
Youth Services Consultant Tammie Benham tbenham ext. 104