William Allen White Nominees

2024-2025 Nominees

Grades 3 to 5

Applegate, Katherine.  Odder

Connor, Leslie Jane.  Anybody Here Seen Frenchie?

Gonzalez, Christina Diaz.  Invisible

Griffith, Evan.  Manatee Summer

Harrington, C.C.  Wildoak

Joy, Angela.  Choosing Brave: How Mamie Till-Mobley and Emmett Till Sparked the Civil Rights Movement

Lloyd, Natalie.  Hummingbird

Robinson, Lisa.  The Sweetest Scoop: Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Grades 6 to 8

Bajaj, Varsha.  Thirst

Cho, John.  Troublemaker

Cisneros, Ernesto.  Falling Short

Elliott, L.M.  Louisa June and the Nazis in the Waves

Fajardo, Kat.  Miss Quinces

Gemeinhart, Dan.  The Midnight Children

Gratz, Alan.  Two Degrees

Keller, Tae.  Jennifer Chan is Not Alone                                     

King, A.S.  Attack of the Black Rectangles

Korman, Gordon.  The Fort

Luqman-Dawson, Amina.   Freewater

Moses, Sheila P.  We Were the Fire:  Birmingham 1963

Philbrick, Rodman.  We Own the Sky

Yee, Lisa.  Maizy Chen’s Last Chance