SEKLS has many puppets available for check-out. These many be requested through Inter-Library Loan or the Youth Services consultant.

At this time we have 3 different types of puppets. The typical handpuppet is marked (P), a stuffed toy is marked (T) and (F) is a flip doll.

Alligator (P)

Armadillo (P)

Armadillo (P)

Bark, George (T) [cat,duck,cow,bird]

Bear (brown) (P)

Bear (black) (P)

Bears (papa, mama, baby) (P)

Bee (P)

Bunny (brown) (P)

Bunny (brown) (P)

Bunny (white) (P)

Cat (Siamese) (P)

Cat (Tabby) (P)

Cat in the hat (P)

Caterpillar/Butterfly (F)

Chipmunk (T)

Cow (black) (P)

Coyote (P)

Crab (P)

Dinosaur (brontosaurus, T-Rex, Triceratops) (T)

Dog (small scruffy) (P) (white/black) (T)

Dolphin (P)

Donkey (P)

Dragon (3 headed) (P)

Dragon (green) (P)

Duck (P) yellow

Duck (P) white

Family (father, mother, brother, sister) (P)

Fox (P)

Goat (P)

Grinch (P)

Hedgehog (P)

Hen (P)

Kitten (black/white) (Siamese) (tabby) (P)

Ladybug (P)

Library Dragon (F)

Lion (P)

Llama (P)

Lyle Crocodile (P)

Max (P)

Monkey (P)

Mouse (T)

Octopus (P)

Old Lady (T) [fly,spider,bird,cat,dog,goat,cow,horse]

Olivia (T)

Opossum (P) with baby (P)

Pig (P)

Police officer (P)

Jackrabbit (P)

Red riding hood (F)

Raven (P)

Rhinoceros (P)

Rooster (P)

Shark (P)

Sheep (large) (P)

Sheep (small) (P)

Squirrel (gray) (T)

Squirrel (brown) (T)

Spider (black) (P)

Spider (itsy bitsy) (P)

Swan (P) white

Sun (P)

Three Bears (F)

Three little pigs (F)

Timberwolf (P)

Toad (P)

Tortoise (P)

Troll (P)

Unicorn (T)

3 Wild Things (P)

Wolf (big bad) (P)

Woodpecker (P)

4 Fairies (P)

Tooth fairy (P)

King/Queen/Prince/Princess/Knight/Wizard/Fairy (P)

Small Bugs-finger puppets (6 sets of 4 each) (P)

(P)=Puppet, (T)=Stuffed Toy, (F)=Flipdoll