Technology Tips


This page contains articles, web links and helpful How-To tips to assist you and provide training that you can do without leaving your desk.


How do I update my staff computer?

To update your computer, start by clicking on the Start button…..
Click on All Programs…..
After you click on it, scroll up and then choose ‘Windows Update’….This will take you to the Microsoft Update window…
Click on the ‘Check for Updates’ button to search for available updates….
Click on Install updates to start downloading and installing updates..
Install the most important updates weekly or bi-weekly at least to ensure that your computers are protected.

How do I update my patron computer?

Updating your patron computer is a little more tricky than updating your staff computer.   Patron computers are locked to keep patron made changes from staying on the computer.   The patron computers in the system use software to lock the computer and restore a frozen image.   You will also need to know the password to the exec account on the patron computers.
Follow the How to link on the left to Update Patron Computers.

How to stop my Slip/Receipt printer from printing blank paper at the bottom?

In firefox you will need to change your printer settings.  To do this go to
..Page Setup
..Margins & Header/Footer
On that page you will see a rectangle with numbers above, below and to either side of it.
..Change the top and bottom numbers to 0.
In the section Headers and Footers on that same page
..Use the dropdown arrows to change the bottom three to blank