SEKnFind: Cooperative Collection Development

Travel Guides–2011

It was decided that each library that volunteered to support this project is responsible for the specific geographic region that library selected. It is expected that up-to-date material will be purchased and housed in that library. This subject will be maintained by that library with up-to-date material (less than 2yrs old). The fact that a library has volunteered to be the library of record for a particular region or country does not mean that any other library may not choose to also buy a travel book on that region for their library. It simply means that at least one library in our system will own something on all the mentioned areas for the use of all our patrons.

Consortium members divided many geographic areas as follows:

  • Western Europe-Independence
  • Eastern Europe-Iola
  • South America-Chanute
  • Asia-Coffeyville
  • Sweden-Savonburg
  • Australia, New Zealand-Parker
  • Ireland, British Isles-Oswego
  • Canada-Caney
  • Caribbean-Garnett
  • China, Switzerland-Madison
  • Central America-Galena
  • Middle East & Mexico-Columbus
  • Africa-Fort Scott


  • West Coast, AK, HI-Iola
  • Midwest (i.e. Central Time Zone), Southwest-Independence
  • Northeast-Chanute
  • South, MidAtlantic-Coffeyville
  • Rockies-Bronson and Garnett

Areas noted as still available for someone to claim for development include:

  • Mexico
  • Asia could be divided

Updated, 9/11/2017

TV Series–2011

At the September, 2011 User Group Meeting, it was decided that libraries should decide which TV series, if any, they planned to maintain as a part of their collection, in complete form. The examples mentioned were:

Type 1–“The Andy Griffith Show”, which most people don’t think about watching in any particular order, or don’t care whether or not they have access to the complete run. In contrast,

Type 2–the series “Lost” will almost always want to be viewed in chronological order and viewers can be expected to want to have access to the complete run.

The Type 2 series will be listed here, for collection development purposes of the consortium. Please submit TV series titles if your library plans to collect and maintain the entire run of a particular series.

Updated, 9/23/2011

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