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The purpose of this site is to provide useful information that will help the cataloger produce uniform MARC (machine readable cataloging) records for the SEKnFIND catalog. Our Integrated Library System, Koha, uses AACR2 (Anglo-American cataloging rules, 2nd ed.) protocols. As you are cataloging, a question mark (?) precedes each field. If you click on this (?) it will take you to a full explanation of the field, including those fields that require indicators.

RDA cataloging (see Wikipedia link) was fully implemented and adopted by the Library of Congress as of March 2013. Many records that you import will reflect RDA cataloging. RDA records will have words spelled out that are normally abbreviated in AACR2. In addition, the publishing information will show in the 264 field, leaving our 260 field empty. RDA adds three new fields in the 300s, the 336, 337, 338. Previously it was necessary to edit RDA records to make them AACR2 compatible. However, as of July 1, 2013 our local KOHA administrator modified the framework so that we can now accept imported RDA records and the information will be stored.

*Wikipedia link: Resource_Description_and_Access

Table of Contents   (Click on the chapter description to open)

Chapter 1  SEKnFind Cataloging Policies
Chapter 2  000 Fields
Chapter 3  200 Fields/GMD list
Chapter 4  300 Fields
Chapter 5  400 Fields

Chapter 6  500, 600, & 700 Fields
Chapter 7  800 & 900 Fields
Chapter 8  Cataloging a book – AACR2
Cataloging a book – RDA
Chapter 9  Cataloging a large print book
Chapter 10  Cataloging a DVD
Chapter 11  Cataloging a Blu-Ray
Chapter 12  Cataloging a Combo Pack
Chapter 13  Cataloging a Music CD
Chapter 14  Cataloging an Audio Cassette
Chapter 15  Cataloging a CD audiobook
Chapter 16  Cataloging a Book+Audio Combo
Chapter 17  Cataloging an MP3 CD
Chapter 18  Cataloging a Playaway (audio)
Chapter 19  Cataloging a Playaway (video)
Chapter 20  Cataloging a Television series – Complete
Cataloging a Television series – Broken Apart
Chapter 21  Cataloging a Video game
Chapter 22  Cataloging Terminology